Two exhibitions

I was in two group exhibitions opening last night.
 '40X400' Curated by one of my favorite artist & teacher Mark Todd at Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena. The event was almost like a mini Art Center College reunion. Seeing old friends and mentors again definitely brought back lots of memories. My piece, 'Porky's Cabbage' 

Over in west LA, I'm also in the show 'Text and Pictures' at GR2 
We're rush and busy everyday to try to make ends meet. Sometime we just need to slow down a little bit and look back to what you've accomplished then regroup yourself.  My piece for the show 'Slow Down'
It's been years since I made a mini motor bike in the work. It's made out of paper, clay and some wire. The bike is about 3/4" length. It's very time consuming to make it but I'm pretty glad how it turns out.