Hammer Museum Dino Laboratory

We thought the rain will discourage people from coming to the museum, but it was quite the opposite. Average attendance for Close Encounters workshop is about 65 participants, with the most being 108. The attendance of Dino Laboratory were more than double. Over 220 people came to join us on Sunday, and many of them were first time visitors of the museum too. 

Before the visitors observe the sculptures made by Francis Upritchard's, we gave a guide for the parents and their kids. They wrote down all the informations about the dinosaur that they're about to create. It has the general information about its physical appearance, habits and personalities. The simple guide is an important step for their art creating process, which led them to start exploring and brainstorming with their creative mind.

After observed the sculptures, they came up to the workshop, where our staffs prepared all the materials that they required to start with their own creations.  Some parents needed help with my assistance and  that's when I stepped in and gave them a demo. 

Kids really enjoy playing with the clay. In the end everyone went home with their dinosaur art and had an educational and fun experience at Hammer Museum with their love ones. This was my first workshop at Hammer, and it was very successful. Thank you all who came join us on Sunday and thanks to the staffs from Hammer to help and prepare such an exciting event.  

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