Last year my first solo exhibition, “Two Together” was a tribute to my old dog’s passing. For fifteen years she was there with me since I immigrated to the States from Taiwan. I was very lucky to have her companionship. Soon after the exhibition I went back to visit Taiwan for the first time in ten years. I visited my family, old friends and then traveled around the island. Many things have changed but some stayed the same. It was a nostalgic moment.

This year my second solo exhibition, “Drifter“ is about a short narrative of the little guy’s journey on the river. He drifted from place to place, embraced the nature and making friends along the way. Hoping to find his roots or perhaps to start a new beginning. The narrative reflects to my experience from visiting Taiwan. It reminded me of my own journey to the states; moved from place to place in the past fifteen years.

I hope this exhibition can relate to your own experiences. I wish you will discover what you’re searching for on your current and future journey.