OC Fair

I was invited by the amazing team of OC fair visual arts department to curate a group exhibition. Thank you artists for putting so much efforts into the show during the busy convention season, and thank you staffs from the OC fair. You guys are awesome!

Please come by the Visual Art Building when you're visiting OC Fair, and check out all the fine works by artists Joey Chou, Jared Andrew Schorr, Ming Ong, Kehasuk, and Naoshi Sunae.

All arts at the special exhibition are for sell please email me or the individual artist listed for inquiries.
Price List 

OC Fair located  
88 Fair Drive - Costa Mesa, CA 92626
July 14 - August 13
Friday 12PM–12AM
Saturday 10AM–12AM
Sunday 10AM–12AM
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 12PM–12AM
Thursday 12PM–12AM

Thank you and enjoy the fair 


Last year my first solo exhibition, “Two Together” was a tribute to my old dog’s passing. For fifteen years she was there with me since I immigrated to the States from Taiwan. I was very lucky to have her companionship. Soon after the exhibition I went back to visit Taiwan for the first time in ten years. I visited my family, old friends and then traveled around the island. Many things have changed but some stayed the same. It was a nostalgic moment.

This year my second solo exhibition, “Drifter“ is about a short narrative of the little guy’s journey on the river. He drifted from place to place, embraced the nature and making friends along the way. Hoping to find his roots or perhaps to start a new beginning. The narrative reflects to my experience from visiting Taiwan. It reminded me of my own journey to the states; moved from place to place in the past fifteen years.

I hope this exhibition can relate to your own experiences. I wish you will discover what you’re searching for on your current and future journey.        

Sunday Workshop

Come to the Sunday workshop this week on 5/1 at GR2 and I will teach you how to make one. Workshop begins at 1:00pm, I will be there till the gallery close for the day. You can see exhibition and enjoy the class. 

The workshop is free, however I'm hoping to raise funds for AIDS LifeCycle
June 5th - June 11th I will ride my bike 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles to support the life-saving services offered by San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center, in the fight to end HIV/AIDS. Please donate to support my fundraise, thank you! 

Two Together

'... Shine! Shine! Shine! 
Pour down your warmth, great sun!
While we bask, we two together.
Two together! 
Day come white, or night come black,
Home, or rivers and mountains from home,
Singing all time, minding no time,
While we two keep together...
-Walt Whitman

'Out of the cradle endless rocking' it's about the poet's memory as a child in search of the mystery of life and death.
I titled the show 'Two Together' in memory of my old dog Nunu's passing. 
'Two Together' opening Saturday 4/16/16 at GR2

Small Worlds

August 15, 2015 - August 30, 2015
Opening Reception / Aug 15, 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Gallery Nucleus
210 East Main StAlhambra, CA 91801 United States
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Three Artists Exhibition
Michelle Romos
Jared Andrew Shorr
Sean Chao

  "Sprinting"  P hoto giclee  prints available soon at Gallery Nucleus.  

"Sprinting" Photo giclee prints available soon at Gallery Nucleus.  

“In its tableau like form, the miniature is a world of arrested time; its stillness emphasizes the activity that is outside its borders. And this effect is reciprocal, for once we attend to the miniature world, the outside world stops and is lost to us.” 

- Susan Stewart, "On Longing"


Two exhibition in one night. ILL SQUA! and Bite
Opening reception was on Saturday, May 16th at GR2 Giant Robot Store
ILL SQUAT! is curated by my old friend and talented artist, Andrew Hem. I'm featuring my latest work "Persimmons Party" 
For inquiry please visit the gallery or the website 
ILL SQUAT! Facebook Event Page 

The last exhibition at Giant Robot Store was 12 years ago since GR2 was opened. Bite was curated by artist Cassia Lupo. Presenting art of shark.
My piece: Shark Sweet Toof.

Bite Facebook Event Page


Hammer Museum Dino Laboratory

We thought the rain will discourage people from coming to the museum, but it was quite the opposite. Average attendance for Close Encounters workshop is about 65 participants, with the most being 108. The attendance of Dino Laboratory were more than double. Over 220 people came to join us on Sunday, and many of them were first time visitors of the museum too. 

Before the visitors observe the sculptures made by Francis Upritchard's, we gave a guide for the parents and their kids. They wrote down all the informations about the dinosaur that they're about to create. It has the general information about its physical appearance, habits and personalities. The simple guide is an important step for their art creating process, which led them to start exploring and brainstorming with their creative mind.

After observed the sculptures, they came up to the workshop, where our staffs prepared all the materials that they required to start with their own creations.  Some parents needed help with my assistance and  that's when I stepped in and gave them a demo. 

Kids really enjoy playing with the clay. In the end everyone went home with their dinosaur art and had an educational and fun experience at Hammer Museum with their love ones. This was my first workshop at Hammer, and it was very successful. Thank you all who came join us on Sunday and thanks to the staffs from Hammer to help and prepare such an exciting event.  

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